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Too Many Eggs is compendium of all things eggs. It is the most comprehensive book on egg cookery ever written with over 800 egg recipes from all-over-the-world.


These recipes highlight and focus on tested and traditional recipes with ingredients that include multiple eggs. It is also ripe with the stories and folklore behind the recipes.


This cookbook does not contain food photography that contemporary cookbooks typically contain. Instead Too Many Eggs leans into the more classical cookbook aesthetic, featuring beautiful historical woodcuts, illustrations and lithographs.

The collection itself took over a decade of research giving you both a phenomenal cache of recipes and highly entertaining stories for your enjoyment. The book also solves a major dilemma for home cooks and hobbyists who have decided to own chickens. The problem is- you end up with Too Many Eggs.


Too Many Eggs is a great addition to your bookshelf and kitchen collection. 

buffy (1).jpg


The first chicken Mimi Smith-Dv0rak owned

Authors Note

This book started as a notebook for my reference. I had two dozen laying hens — laying daily. This was a complete blunder on my part. I over-estimated how many eggs my family would eat, and under-estimated how many eggs those hens could lay. Two dozen hens lay two dozen eggs a day, on average, in their first year of production. Even as they aged, and slowed in their egg laying, they still managed to provide way more eggs than needed for a few fried eggs every morning

I quickly got to the point where all my neighbors were saying “no thanks” to me gifting them even more cartons of eggs, (I had a minimum of nine dozen eggs stacked up in my refrigerator any day of the week). I became determined to find recipes to use a lot more eggs. I needed EGG recipes.


Into my notebook I would jot down recipe ideas utilizing six or more eggs. (I would shriek with joy when a dozen eggs were called for.) I have cooked every recipe in this book.  I discovered some wonderful recipes – savory recipes, obscure recipes, and some surprising things. The more eggs I cooked, the more ways I cooked them, the more I searched for more recipes. It was a multiple year obsession for me. My fascination reached beyond simply cooking eggs, but into the rich history of recipes, their origins, and categorizing the methods of cooking.

My obsession became so bad that my husband would intervene if the word “egg” came up in any conversation. (“No. Stop. Don’t ask her about eggs!”)

This book is for people who have gotten into the backyard poultry bandwagon. And it is really for people (like me) who find it exciting to sit down and read a good, dense cookbook.

Buy a hardcopy or download the free PDF

The book is available through our publisher Gateview Publishing

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Price should not be a barrier to knowledge access, which is why we are providing you the PDF version of this book free to download.

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