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Photo credit: Danell Mackey

Mimi Smith-Dvorak 

I’m a white-haired, thick-waist, creative, unconventional woman. I repair and remodel houses. I garden. I paint. I do needlework. I collect ceramics and cookbooks. I live with a pack of dogs, a macaw, and a few head of cat.


I cook everything from scratch. 


I’m a regular “Martha Stewart” of the Pacific Northwest.


I am not a celebrity chef, but I’ve worked in the bowels of restaurants (prep work mostly) and in corporate America. I opened and owned a deli and spice shop. I helped to start a computer software distribution company. I’ve hung out with culinary types (chefs, restaurant owners, foodies, and food historians). I’ve collaborated on, and ghostwritten more than a dozen books with my husband, and written for other authors.


I have collected cookbooks since I was a young tween.


I especially like pre-1900 cookbooks, single subject cookbooks, and those written by restaurant owners. I have file cabinets overflowing with handwritten and mimeographed recipes, as well as junior league spiral bound booklets. I’m a recipe addict.


I’ve spent more than a decade compiling a cookbook, Too Many Eggs.

I have cooked every recipe in this 750+ page book.


I have had quite the entertaining past, full of ribald tales. But, that is another story for another time….


~Mimi Smith-Dvorak 

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